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Download Chrome USB Free | USB Pen Drive Apps

Chrome is widely used well known and loved browser which is also known as Chromium. It is liked mostly due to its minimal design and lightness. Every tab in chrome is independent so you do not need to kill all the tabs to close the only one unresponsive tab. USB version of Chrome is available now which you can download now. You first need to execute the executable files after your download. And then copy the Portable Google Chrome folder on your USB drive. During this process your antivirus software may judge it as a malware but no need to panic as it is only a Flase Positive. And that is OK, Now you are ready to enjoy the Pen Drive Chrome.

Pen Drive Google Chrome provides you with a lot of liberty which ordinary application is unable to do so. For example you can carry your bookmarks, favorites a lot more on the go. You Can download USB Chrome below.

Link | Download