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Do Website Design Effects (SEO) Search Engine Rankings

Question is whether design and structure of any website matters for attaining better (SEO) search engine rankings? 
Yes, design has an effect. Design matters more than what most of us think.
As we know that Google takes into consideration more than 200 parameters to determine the page rank of any website. Also website design is a parameter included in the list. Like Google other search engines also keep an account of design.
Why Search Engines Consider Design as an Essential Factor In Determining Page Rank?
The main goal of any search engine is to search and bring the best quality information from all over its database. To achieve this task it finds the best match for your provided keywords. For that purpose it has to take into consideration the design and structure of any website also. It is more important that how you present something than what you are presenting.
The design should be one having flow in it. This feels good to eyes. The design which feels good to human eyes also pleases the web crawlers. Google has now evolved to a stage that now you can consider it like a human working at super human speed. So don't think that Google cannot identify any mature style with good looks. Moreover the code of your website should be clean and not cluttered one.
Have you ever noticed that under construction WebPages do not rank well no-matter how much optimized content you pour in them. That is an evidence of the fact that web design also matters in determining page rank.


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